An event to bring developers across the country together in order to build software for institutions that did not have an online presence. This will be considered as a competition of website or mobile development. Each team that develops the software for the institution will be the maintenance team and they will get paid by the institution. A jury will nominate the best website built and the conceptor team will be the winner. 

Through that event, institutions will have the opportunity to get their own websites.


  1. Decrease the tech illiteracy problem in Haiti
  2. Get more developers engaged
  3. Distinguish and nominate the Best Haitian Developer 
  4. A link to Best Haitian App Award


  • After the event, each development team will maintain respectively the institution website. 
  • We will promote the websites built.
  • Each developer will have their own “Haitian Developer” episode and a profile on “Haitian Developers”